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Advice - What support is available to people with no recourse to public funds?

No recourse to public funds (NRPF) refers to people who are not entitled to access certain public services in this country. People with NRPF are those who are subject to immigration control and have no entitlement to welfare benefits, to Home Office asylum support for asylum seekers, or to public housing.

NRPF includes:

  • Refused asylum seekers whose appeal rights are exhausted
  • People who have overstayed their visas
  • People on sponsorship visas, such as spousal visas
  • Overseas visitors
  • People on student visas
  • Other irregular migrants.

Some unemployed migrants from Central and Eastern Europe may also have NRPF.

Individuals with NRPF who become homeless have very few avenues for support that are accessible to them, and some may face destitution.

  • The Housing Rights website gives information for recent arrivals in England for advisers about entitlements to housing, based on people's immigration status.

Getting help

The regulations governing access to public services and funds is complex so it is important to get advice on individual circumstances as soon as possible. Day centres, CABx and local services for refugees and asylum seekers listed on Homeless UK can provide advice on the limited accommodation and support options available for people with NRPF. Very few hostels or supported accommodation services can accept people with NRPF.

Homeless UK has information about support for Central and Eastern Europeans.

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